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At Batres Genealogy Services we offer a wide range of genealogical services to meet your needs.

While we specialize in heir tracing, locating possible beneficiaries and verifying inheritance rights, our expertise extends to the entire field of family genealogy, where we reconstruct family history, providing a professional solution to resolve concerns about your family tree.

In addition to these services, we offer professional genealogical advice and consultancy to guide you in your search to obtain dual citizenship : we conduct professional research in archives and databases to locate the essential documents for your research that guarantee reliable results.

Global experience and recognition

With over 26 years of experience, our team excels in family genealogical and probate research. We are recognized worldwide as a reference in genealogical research in South America. We are committed to providing our clients with the peace of mind and confidence to recover their inheritance rights, as well as professional guidance in exploring their family history. Our effectiveness is based on a constant search for new resources, an extensive network of qualified collaborators and consultants, and the rigorous use of documentary sources.

Collaborative approach and global solutions

Our approach focuses on teamwork and a 100% collaborative relationship with our clients. We strive to provide comprehensive genealogical solutions, whether for tracing family lines, uncovering ancestral histories or documenting family legacies. Batres Genealogy Services is your trusted partner for all your genealogical research needs.


Promoting genealogy as a means of preserving history

Uniting beneficiaries with their rights and people with their roots

Serving as a guide for our clients seeking professional genealogical research

Being the main reference in probate and family genealogy in South America

Our team

Batres Genealogy Services is an international team of six people who speak five languages. Every day, our professional team works with tireless devotion to offer outstanding solutions to our customers.

In addition to this team, we also rely on an extensive network of resources and collaborators in the various countries where we work, a team of consultants in all areas related to our discipline and the most comprehensive database in the region. We know what resources are available in each location and our experience allows us to select the best options in each case, expanding our reach and providing excellent service.

Our story

Our company was founded around 1998. It is the fruit of José Luis Batres’ passion for genealogy, an interest he developed as the son of Spanish immigrants yearning to know his roots. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to learn, he became involved in genealogical associations, attending conferences, courses and conventions, quickly becoming a respected proponent across a broad spectra of studies. Meanwhile, María Gabriela Batres was completing her degree in architecture at the University of Buenos Aires while also participating in her father’s new endeavor. With a keen interest in research and with the same entrepreneurial spirit, she quickly became involved in this new venture, shaping it year after year in the quest to provide an outstanding service.

Over time, the growing demand and the excellent service that Batres has always provided have made us the leading family genealogy and inheritance company in South America, serving individuals, specialized companies, lawyers, notaries and public administrators at an international level for 26 years in both family genealogy and the search for heirs.


See how Batres Genealogy Services can help you trace your family history. Our professional genealogical research allows you to preserve your family heritage for future generations. Find out more now !


With over 25 years’ experience in genealogy, our firm specializes in managing the documentation required to obtain European citizenship, particularly for Latin American families. Contact us to find out how we can help you with this important process.


Batres Genealogy Services is a leading reference in the specific field of Probate Genealogy. Our services include tracing heirs and connecting them with their legitimate rights, managing the signing of fee contracts, powers of attorney and any other documents necessary for this purpose. We provide comprehensive support to beneficiaries.

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