Between 1825 and 1950, more than 5 million immigrants from all over the world arrived in Argentina in search of a better future, leaving behind their history, their families and their roots.


At Batres Genealogy Services, we are committed to helping you rediscover those lost ties and preserve your family’s heritage through professional genealogical research.

Why Genealogical Research ?

We often begin researching our family genealogy when the people who could have provided us with this information are no longer alive. At such times, professional genealogical research becomes an invaluable tool. By reconstructing your family history, we help find answers to questions about your ancestors and ensure that your family’s history is preserved for future generations.

The Complexity of Genealogy

Genealogical research can be a complicated process requiring specialized skills and a deep understanding of archives and historical sources. It is not just about finding names and dates, but about reconstructing life histories and understanding the contexts in which your ancestors lived.

The Batres Experience in Genealogical Research

With over 25 years of experience, relying on an extensive international network and the use of advanced technologies, Batres Genealogy Services is in a league of its own in the field of genealogical research.

Based on the documentation and information available in the family, our team will prepare a customized proposal, focusing on your specific interests. We select the best available research sources to obtain the necessary documentation, taking into account the place of origin and periods of study of each family.


Genealogy studies family history through documentation that allows you to reconstruct the links of kinship between people. Genealogical research is based on obtaining and reviewing documentation that allows the reconstruction of family genealogy for a specific purpose.

Batres Genealogy Services has developed its own high-performance database throughout its twenty-six years of experience. This experience allows us to select the best research resources for each case. Our international network is also a great asset when building your family tree or finding an ancestor.

For a proper assessment, we need to know exactly :

  • Where in your genealogy you need help;
  • What information you have about your family history;
  • What actions you have taken so far.

The documentation you provide us with is very useful to better review the research possibilities.

Our Personal Data Policy ensures that your personal information will only be used for the purpose of assessing the options of the requested research.

When a client contacts us, we consider their objectives, the information provided and the actions already taken to find the best research alternatives. Based on this review, we propose one or several research stages, either consecutively or in parallel, in order to pursue the desired objective.

We would like to say yes, but genealogy is not an exact science, nor is there a global archive that provides all the answers. We conduct a comprehensive review of existing resources, however, there are cases where documentation simply cannot be obtained because it has been lost (due to war, flood, destruction, etc…). In some cases, alternative sources may be available, but unfortunately, in others they are not.

The number of ancestors grows exponentially with each generation, so reconstructing an entire family tree at once is a very complex task. It often requires research in different countries worldwide. At Batres Genealogy Services, we work with specific research objectives and then proceed to other branches to complete the family genealogy according to the client’s interests.

Whether you have not been able to move forward with your family history research or do not have the time to do it personally, hiring a professional genealogist ensures that all research possibilities are considered. It also provides peace of mind that a meticulous and expert analysis will be performed to determine the best approach.

We have helped them

“This is absolutely FANTASTIC news ! You’ll make my mother very happy !”


We have helped them

“I have nothing but words of thanks for the whole team. I would like to highlight the warmth and professionalism of everyone in the making of my family tree and a family book. In short, they made a dream come true.”
A.G. Argentina

We have helped them

“I would like to thank you for your help in putting me in touch with my relatives in Buenos Aires. We are now in regular touch and my family research has been very much enhanced. We have many family records which we share and it has been amazing to discuss our family history.”
M.W. Reino Unido

We have helped them

“Wow, that is excellent news! I am very happy with that information, and I am also pleased that they are also happy to know I've been looking for them. Thank you very much for your hard work on my family.”

D.Z Denmark

We have helped them

“Thank you for the genealogical research you did for me earlier this year. I will be referring your services if I find anyone in need.”

Countries Covered

For genealogical research, Batres Genealogy Services operates mainly in Argentina and European countries.

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Preserving Family History and Documentation

Our mission is to help you reconstruct your family history, preserve your family records and honor your legacy. Whether you are searching for birth records, marriage certificates or other important documents, we are here to help you every step of the way.

To learn more about our genealogy research services and how we can help, contact Batres Genealogy Services today. With over 25 years of experience, we are your trusted partner for all your genealogy research needs.

Batres – Your partner in genealogy services for over 25 years.